What Are the Benefits of Renovating Your House?

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July 11, 2019

What Are the Benefits of Renovating Your House?

Dreaming of an all-white kitchen with brand new cabinets, state of the line appliances, stylish lighting and a maintenance free countertop, well it’s time to put your thoughts to action. Renovating a home can sound like a daunting task but don’t get overwhelmed before you examine the overall benefits it makes to your life. 

Credit: Olive and Oak Interiorshttps://www.instagram.com/p/ByIh-8gprs_/

Let’s start with the kitchen 

As one of the most used rooms in a home, let’s be honest, it has been deemed the “heart of the home” and for many people it truly is.


The way a kitchen functions can transform a family’s lifestyle. There are several elements of a kitchen we use on a regular basis, they include cabinets, countertop, appliances, lighting, flooring and seating. Sometimes these features may be outdated and require an upgrade but homeowners choose to live with the defects. 


Increase comfort

Living with the existing kitchen can be miserable and discouraging, Lauren Yacht describes her old kitchen cabinet as “in bad shape” and the “layout was awkward”. She mentions that the kitchen flooring is “unattractive” which shows her lack of enthusiasm to be in her kitchen. 

Credit: Lauren Yacht


Lauren is now in “love” with her kitchen, she eliminated the peninsula and the upper cabinets, replaced them with “open shelving” so the kitchen no longer has a “cramped” feel. Additionally, she upgraded her appliances, changed the floors, cabinets, and the countertop to create the Boho farmhouse kitchen she wanted.  


Credit: Lauren Yacht


Improves Efficiency 


Pantry space is another design element that can significantly improve the functionality of the home. 

Generally, older homes lack storage space like a pantry, for a busy household with three or four children it is a necessity. Being able to shop at big box stores such as Costco, Sam’s Club and Walmart can eliminate multiple runs to the store this is an efficient use of time and money. 


Some of the words Tara Noland used to describe her kitchen are “dysfunction, disorganization, clutter, frustration”,  these negative words show her distaste for this space. She worked with Shelf Genie to create a stunning pantry that is efficient, clean accessible and organized. 

Credits: Tara Noland 


Although, all she did was refurbish her kitchen with a professional company the transformation brought new life into her home as it is “easy to clean up, time saving, aesthetically pleasing” and most importantly saves money because it eliminates duplicating food items with expiring date. 


Credits: Tara Noland 


Maintenance Free 


The most used surface in the kitchen is the countertop, which is the second most expensive item in the kitchen depending on the type of countertop product that is used. 


Living with an old laminate countertop may work but when the whole family is in the kitchen once water is spilled on the laminate countertop, the surface is compromised.


 The fact that laminate countertop easily absorbs liquid is the reason Ann “hates” her “black Formica” countertop, she describes some of her challenges such as it “holds water, stains, scratches easily”. This high maintenance countertop has made her consider shopping for a Corian countertop. 


Nowadays, countertops are a stylish addition to the kitchen and those Pinterest worthy pictures you drool over are costly but for good reason. 


By far the most popular countertop is Quartz because it is low maintenance and requires no sealing which is a stress relief for a busy family.  


Credit: IDF Studiohttp://idfstudio.com/

Increase Safety 

Opening up the walls during renovation can reveal safety concerns, this is how Lauren Yacht found out her 90’s home had electrical problems. She mentions while using the home that they kept “tripping the breaker” and during renovation the electrician found out that the kitchen was “wired to one circuit”, to remedy the issue they had “additional circuits installed”. 

It’s terrifying to think of what could have happened without thorough investigation. Certainly, renovation will bring the home up to code which ultimately eliminates any fire hazard and other risk.   


Credit: Lauren Yacht

Time for a Bathroom Update


When it comes to functionality of a home, the number of bathrooms always comes to mind. Regardless of the type of home –high-rise condominium, townhouse or a single family residence, the number of bathrooms in the property will affect the quality of life for the people living in that space.  



Credits: Studio McGeehttps://www.studio-mcgee.com/portfolio/2018/6/27/highland-remodel

Adds value 

Although not a major priority, the addition of a bathroom whether it’s a powder room or a six-piece bathroom adds value to a home. Equity is always important when investing in a home and a renovation is just that, an investment, which is an assurance that during resale the property value will increase. 


When Julie Vick and her husband purchased their home, they loved the charm that comes with an older home. However, as a newlywed they quickly realized that there were several renovations that needed to be completed. Their first project was the master bathroom which had a “glass shower” and was “completely exposed to the hallway” she exclaims “we wanted walls” and hated the idea of seeing the neighbour from the shower. 

This was a privacy concern that needed to be rectified. Fortunately, after four years of repairing and modernizing their home they put it up on the market and received multiple offers and was in escrow within a week. 


Credits: Laura Brophy Interiorshttps://www.brophyinteriors.com/

Reduce Stress


Famous interior stylist Emily Henderson describes the “horror” of living with her guest bathroom for two and a half years which meant that she constantly had to apologize to any “newcomer that came over”. 

The now stunning bathroom doubles as the dedicated kids bathroom that houses bath toys and potty. The old bathroom posed a lot of challenges one was the glass shower door which made it difficult to bathe her four and six-year-old children, she was scared of her kids having “panic attack” bathing themselves so the new bathroom has a shower rod. 





Credits: Emily Hendersonhttps://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog/guest-bathroom-reveal

 On the Miracle Makeover episode of Love it or List by HGTV, the homeowners ignored the smell in the powder room and during renovation they found out that the toilet was leaking so sewage was pouring into the crawl space. 

As a result, the crawl space had to be disinfected by experts and the joist had to be replaced because it was soaked in sewage. This shows that ignoring problems in a home will only worsen the issue. 

Take the leap, transform your home today by renovating it. Although, it may sound like a daunting task the result is worth it. You might begin with some DIY projects then jump into a kitchen or bathroom overhaul. Once you renovate one room then you will realize how functional your home is for example creating an island in the kitchen or a double vanity in the bathroom all of which increase the comfort level in the home. 


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