Top 10 Inspirational Kitchen Designs

Created on:
August 6, 2019

Top 10 Inspirational Kitchen Designs

When renovating a kitchen ensuring it is fabulous and functional is the ultimate goal. The process begins with exploring images of well designed spaces and determining which one reflects your style. Here are the top ten inspirational kitchen design to help with your mood board. 


  1. Traditional White

The detailing of the cabinets complements the architectural integrity and enhances the character of the home. The countertop and the backsplash flows seamlessly, while the wood countertop on the island adds a different wood shade to create more depth to the space.

Credits: Kateabtdesign

Credits: Kateabtdesign

  1.  Contemporary Wood tone

This jaw-dropping contemporary kitchen mixes wood tones, metal and colours to create a cohesive space. The luxurious walk-in wine cooler is a show stopper that is a conversation starter. 

Credit: lindyegalloway

  1. Mid-Century Modern

This Mid-Century Modern kitchen is a classic, the showpiece is obviously the warm wood cabinet. The golden walnut wood veneer is sleek and modern against the white countertop and backsplash.

Credit: Nicolefranzen

  1.  Modern Farmhouse

A  beautiful example of how to blend two styles. The farmhouse x frame is repeated throughout this kitchen, while the wood tone populates the space in the floating shelf, beam, and display cabinet. The accent green on the island compliments the neutral white tone in the room.

Credit: onekindesign

Credit: onekindesign

  1.  Industrial Loft

An urban and city like feel, this is truly one of a kind industrial kitchen. The stainless-steel moveable island is functional yet caters to someone with a masculine style. The 80’s square black tile is a fantastic contrast against the white countertop and cabinet. Warm tones are brought into the space with gold hardware and whitewashed wood floors.  

Credits: Magnolia

Credits: Magnolia

  1. Black and Gold 

Breath-taking is the appropriate word to describe this open concept kitchen.  The focal point is the gold orbit 6 light pendants that accentuates the tall ceiling and draws your eyes to the achromatic double island and panelled vent.


Credits: thehouseofsilverlining

  1.  Cottage Kitchen

The charm and coziness of this kitchen is shown with the natural veins in the stone countertop which mimics the colour of the island cabinet. Exceptional details are incorporated such as shiplap, metal, open shelving and wood mantel above the range hood. 

Credits: Marie Flanigan

  1. All Black Kitchen 

An edgy black kitchen that is dramatic yet sophisticated. The organic movement of the veins in the marble backsplash makes it a great piece of art that continues to the countertop. The shaker style cabinet is seamless with the integrated appliances with panel doors to create a sense of continuity. 

Credits: Karin Bohn

Credits: Karin Bohn

  1. Integrated Dining Table

This  stunning design manages to wow by mixing different patterns, colours and textures while simultaneously being functional. The large island has a dedicated section for dining while the opposite side houses the sink and some base cabinets. 

Credits: Erica Bryen Design

  1. Colourful Blue Kitchen

As a peaceful and serene color, blue is a great accent tone for an all-white kitchen. The touch of mid-century modern accessories gives it personality along with the striking stone slab. 

Credits: Studio Dearborn

Credits: Studio Dearborn

There is so much to explore when it comes to kitchen design. After you have gotten through the hurdle of figuring out what preferred layout you want deciding on the style, colour scheme and materials is a whole different challenge. These images have showcased some of the most popular design trends that will guide your decision. 

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